About us

About us

March 4, 2023 2023-03-05 0:27

Nearly half of the world’s forests have already been cleared or degraded for human use. 

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Welcome to Glovair.com, the digital business card company that’s changing the way we network, while helping to save the environment. Did you know that around 10 billion business cards are printed each year, and 88% of those are thrown away within a week? But what’s even more astonishing is the fact that 7.2 million trees are cut down each year to provide the paper for these business cards. We believe there’s a better way.

Our digital business cards are the solution. Not only are they more convenient and impressive than traditional business cards, but they also help save the earth. By going digital, we can reduce paper waste and decrease deforestation.

Glovair.com is more than just a company that sells digital business cards. We’re a project that aims to solve a problem and make a positive impact on the world. Our goal is to use digital technology to improve our lives, connectivity, and relationships, while also contributing to a sustainable future.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer, or professional, join us in making the switch to our eco-friendly digital business cards. It’s time to network smarter, impress people, and help save the planet.