How it works

How it works

February 27, 2023 2023-03-01 15:09
01. choose your card

Glovair Cards

One Card for everything. And everyone.

Basic Card

Effortlessly Share Your Basic Contact Information

Premium Card

Create a Memorable Impression with Glovair’s Customizable Premium Card.

For Teams

Empower your team with efficient networking tools to boost their productivity and connectivity.

02. Edit your Profile

Introduce Yourself

Customize and enhance your profile by adding the information that matters most to you.

Additionally, you can access a variety of other options based on the type of card you have.

03. Start Networking

Share your Profile

Glovair Cards use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR technology to share Glovair Profile with people you meet.


Tap your card on a phone and share your contact details without contact.

Show QR

Open your camera and scan the QR code for older phones.

Share Link

And if you don’t have your physical card with you, easily share your profile link to stay connected.